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Data Structure and Algorithm


Syllabus Fall 2022

NOTE: This document is subject to change at the instructor’s discretion. Please contact instructor with any questions.


Subir Chakraborty

Emancipation Edutech Private Limited



Course overview


An advanced course where students will develop a interactive solutions to address a real world problems. Students will learn and practice the Data Structures and algorithm with Our enhanced syllabus and Assignments.


1. To provide the knowledge of Advance data structures and their implementations.
2. To understand importance of data structures in context of writing efficient programs.
3. To develop skills to apply appropriate data structures in problem solving.


  • Live only Classes, demonstrations, and practice
  • Weekly Assignments and Projects.
  • Recordings for each and every Class.
  • Email reminder for Classes and Quizes.


  • Maintain good communication with instructor regularly throughout the course
  • Demonstrate your understanding of principles learned through coursework
  • Be an active participant and team member in class, in practice and in discussions
  • Accept constructive criticism and show a concerted effort to respond to the feedback
  • Execute your work to a professional level of craftsmanship
  • Manage your time well, both in and out of class
  • Respect yourself, your work, me, your classmates, the discipline, and course

Emancipation’s policies

Emancipation prohibits instructors from making students' identities, course work, and educational records public without their consent. During this course, you will post assignments and process will be publicly accessible online. If you do not wish to make your work public in this way, please contact me during the first week of class to make other arrangements.


In the event of an emergency course requirements, classes, deadlines and grading schemes are subject to changes that may include alternative delivery methods, alternative methods of interaction with the instructor, class materials, and/or classmates, a revised attendance policy, and a revised semester calendar and/or grading scheme.


Course Information

1 attachment


DSA Introduction.

DSA Introduction (10 Hours)

Algorithm Analysis (10 Hours)

Data Structures (I) (12 Hours)

Data Structures (II) (12 Hours)


Tree based DSA (I) (14 Hours)

Tree based DSA (II) (14 Hours)

Graph based DSA (12 Hours)

Sorting and Searching Algorithms (14 Hours)

Greedy Algorithms (14 Hours)

Dynamic Programming (12 Hours)

Finals Week

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